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handmade journals for your ideas to blossom

I'm a writer who has turned my love of everything "books" into the art of creating one-of-a kind journals. My journal covers are sourced from both handmade and decorative papers from around the world. I make both hardcover and soft cover journals. The softcover journals are made from Kraft-Tex, repurposed leather, or cotton bookcloth I have eco-printed with local flora. I use a variety of bookbinding techniques, including French link, Secret Belgian, and Coptic stitch. For signatures, I use either 60lb text or 80lb drawing paper. Often for the endpapers and signature wraps I use my own handmade or handprinted paper. I sell my journals at Made in Warren, an artist coop in Warren, Rhode Island. I'm also happy to work with you on a custom order. You can contact me for available cover papers and pricing at: tinaegnoski@gmail.com.